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Welcome To The Dussault Family Homepage!


David's page is, naturally, about politics and other interesting things. Your challenge is to figure out what's most important to him:  family, politics, The Beatles, Patriots or the Red Sox!  And lookout!  He's rolling out "Dave's Musings", his commentary of whatever happens to be on his mind!  And check out Dave's Gallery for a few good laughs.  New and improved!

On Cindy's page you will be able to see examples of her incredible cakes.  .  It's a page in progress. New cakes added all the time!  Take a look.  Looking doesn't cost calories! 

President Ronald Reagan is an American Hero.  Dave has devoted a page in tribute to him, his wisdom, his humor, and his many accomplishments.  Please visit for an inspiring experience!

Finally, click on the Parents of Diabetics page for a special treat!